Judy Marks(non-registered)
God is a great Creator! I love your photos! It shows how Great God is! Thanks for sharing!
Debbie Williamson(non-registered)
God's handiwork displayed in every photo. Gorgeous and awe inspiring.
Carol Betker(non-registered)
Hi Dan.....received your image of the black bear and cub. How fantastic, I'm framing it . Glad you enjoyed the little painting....hope to see you both in the fall.....I know you're having a wonderful time in Yellowstone!
Jodi Jackson(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful and inspiring pictures - reminds us that nature is perfectly created
wilfred smith(non-registered)
Hope to meet you again in Yellowstone. Your work is great.
Linda Stevens(non-registered)
Dan, I agree with the previous comment. You have a great talent, thanks for sharing such wonderful images. I can't make up my mind which on to get, they are all good!
Don Montemorra(non-registered)
Dan, Capturing unique wildlife images that tell a story takes much in the way of hard work, patience, discerning eye and technical expertise. It is clear that those requirements have come together time and time again resulting in an amazing number of quality images. Congratulations.
David Holl(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful pictures. What Impressed me the most was the images of birds in flight. They looked liked they stopped in flight to let you get a clear photo of them. It was great meeting you. I pray your Dad will have a great recovery.
Les Wall(non-registered)
Great shots as always. Love the landscapes.
Carol Williamson(non-registered)
Dan, it was nice to meet you last weekend. (I swim with Dee.) I'm looking forward to going thru your photos, and maybe even selecting one!
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