267.Carol Williamson(non-registered)
Dan, it was nice to meet you last weekend. (I swim with Dee.) I'm looking forward to going thru your photos, and maybe even selecting one!
265.Steven Natanson(non-registered)
Great photography, Dan. It was nice meeting you, see you again in Yellowstone.
Can't wait to capture more wonderful images of Yellowstone with you!
Great photography! Keep it up ;)
247.Dale and Chris Eby(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing, Dan! Thank you for sharing them with the world.
245.Pat McCarthy
These are WONDERFUL, Dan! You are so talented, and so patient, which I know has a lot to do with the great images you capture.
your best friend Pat
Nature is the most beautiful model, great job :)
243.Hello Dan and Dee(non-registered)
We really enjoy your photos Dan. They are great.
242.Rhian and Tony Isaac(non-registered)
Amazed by your wonderful photos! We had the privilege to meet you in Mammouth taking long horns in February! Wales in UK isn't quite so exciting!
238.Tony Roethler(non-registered)
Hi Dan, wonderful shots. Feels like I'm right there. I'm sure glad we got the chance to meet and hope we cross paths again sometime. Keep up the great work.
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